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Friday, 31 August 2012

Mark Burgess Keni & Bryan Glancy-Manchester Follies Wine Bar 21 Aug 90

Adams song (Mark Burgess)
Propping up the bar (Mark Burgess/Keni)
Sackville Street (Keni)
Perfume garden (Mark Burgess)
Chinned (Bryan Glancy)
The healer (Mark Burgess/Keni)
Caution (Mark Burgess)
Paradiso (Mark Burgess)
Six string suicide (Bryan Glancy)
If you pay your debts to me (Keni)
When harmony comes (Mark Burgess/Keni/Bryan Glancy)

Toshiba KT-R2 cassette Recording FLAC

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  1. BLESS you for these repsots. and I mean that!

    but..I am confused. do I(I am in NYC, USA, by the way) I have to pay? to use this Polish(?) download site. It sure seems to be the ONLY option as the 4 Shared link has been removed.

    any help?

    cannot read the language, even i wanted to pay.

  2. follow thomass instructions here

  3. the 4shared link is still there for me