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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Half Man Half Biscuit-Preston 53° 12 Nov 10

The light at the end of the tunnel
99% of gargoyles look like Bob Todd
A lilac Harry Quinn
Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
Bad losers on Yahoo chess
Left lyrics in the practice room
Bob Wilson anchor man
Uffington Wassail
Monmore / hare’s running
Everything’s AOR
Petty sessions
Running order squabble fest
Fuckin’ ‘ell it’s Fred Titmus
Where is my pint?
The Trumpton riots
Twenty-four hour garage people
Restless legs
Evening of swing
All I want for christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit
Sandy Gall is coming to town
For what is Chatteris?
Dog shit hiding under Autumn leaves
Paintball’s coming home
National shite day
Tommy Walsh’s eco house (false start)
Tommy Walsh’s eco house
You've got a friend in me
Vatican broadside
A country practice
We built this village on a trad arr tune
Gypsies tramps and thieves
1966 and all that
Joy Division oven gloves
Incomplete tracklist
M Audio Microtrack II Mixing Desk Recording FLAC


  1. sorry about the above comment been trying to leave a comment for a couple of days and it never showed till now think i have fixed the problem

    thanks for all the biscuit gigs much appriciated but having problems with the preston gig keep getting broken file error when extracting and have noticed its a unknown file type on the download instead of saving as a winrar arcive as on all other downloads from your blog is this a problem my end??


  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    problem solved

    i renamed the files when saving hm1,hm2,hm3 (you can make your own names up)

    Gypsies tramps and thieves is class!!!!

    thanks again!!!!

  3. The little snippet Nigel sings before 'Chatteris ...' is from Richard Thompson's 'Beeswing'. "Oh she was a rare thing, fine as a bee's wing".

  4. is this file still available from anywhere?