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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Reegs-Ashton Witchwood 26 Mar 98

Ends at zero
In disbelief
Heart and solo
Pond life
Subject to status
As you leave
Blind denial
Chorus of the lost

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  1. Excellent blog and some great stuff on here
    especially the Chameleons & related

    This Reegs file appears to be the same as the other one posted a few days ago, both tagged as Manchester Roadhouse and 1:02:32 in length 358MB

    Keep em coming

  2. ive made a balls of this, i did transfer this one, but ive made a mess of the transfer and ill have to redo it

  3. I'd love to hear this second recording, huge fan of Chameleons and all the offshoots. Thanks for putting all of these up!

  4. Hi, any chance of getting this one again?
    Many thanks for all your efforts!

  5. file downloading OK but something is wrong with speed during playback. Gary sounds like he is
    singing at 33 1/3 on a 45rpm

  6. its the sampling rate. occasionally i get it wrong, whoops! ill fix it