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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

David Bowie-Manchester Lancashire Cricket Club 10 Jul 02

Life on mars?
Ashes to ashes
Slip away
China girl
I would be your slave
I've been waiting for you
I'm afraid of Americans
5:15 the angels have gone
Heathen (the rays)
Everyone says 'hi'
Hallo spaceboy
Let's dance
Ziggy Stardust
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Oceansize-Liverpool Barfly 18 Aug 05

The charm offensive
One out of nONE
One day all this could be yours
A homage to a shame
Heaven alive
No tomorrow
Women who love men who love drugs
You can't keep a bad man down
Music for a nurse
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

Muse-Manchester University 21 Feb 00

Tracklist needed
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Air Cav-Capesthorne Hall Friends Of Mine Festival Lake Bar 21 May 11

Tracklist needed
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Cardiacs-Manchester Roadhouse 5 Nov 96

Breakfast line part 2
A horses tail
In a city lining
Bell stinks
Bell clinks
Gatty the goat man
Dog like Sparky
Buds and spawn
Cameras bit
Insect hooves on Lassie
Everything is easy
The duck and Roger the horse
Firey gun hand
Icky qualms
Is this the life?
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Frazer King-Capesthorne Hall Friends Of Mine Festival Lake Stage 21 May 11

Getting away with murder
Abstract talking
There's no such thing as being insane
Incomplete tracklist
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Interpol-Manchester Apollo 8 Jul 05

Next exit
Slow hands
Say hello to the angels
Public pervert
Not even jail
Hands away
Length of love
Stella was a diver and was always down
Take you on a cruise
Obstacle 1

DAT Recording FLAC

I Am Kloot-Manchester Ritz 24 Apr 05

No direction home
The stars look familiar
Strange arrangement of colour
From your favourite sky
An ordinary girl
Morning rain
Here for the world
Strange without you
Sand and glue
Over my shoulder
No fear of falling
Gods and monsters
Storm warning
To you
I believe
Life in a day
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Gabrielles Wish-Manchester Haçienda 30 Jul 96

Tracklist needed
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Nylon Pylon-Manchester Academy 11 Jan 03.flac

Tracklist needed
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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Badly Drawn Boy-Leeds Festival 27 Aug 00

Another pearl
The shining
I love you all
The shining
Magic in the air
Born in the USA
Pissing in the wind
Once around the block
Incomplete tracklist
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Narrows-Capesthorne Hall Friends Of Mine Festival Lake Bar 21 May 11

Hermann intro
Last one here
Initials MM
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

Andy Weatherall-BBC 6 Music The First Time 13 Mar 11

While some DJs emerged out of the early house movement to settle into a comfortable and predictably lucrative careers as superclub-orientated superstar DJs, Andrew Weatherall has always followed his own musical compass.

This week, Matt Everitt discusses his career from the first track he ever DJ'd (the WWII War film theme 633 Squadron) onto his residency at the UK's first acid house club Shoom, then as the producer of Primal Scream's genre-breaking Screamadelica and his later work delving into the darker side of vintage rock n roll and techno - with the humour, style and impeccable musical choices that one would expect from one of contemporary music's most innovative and original figures in music.
Music played
Primal Scream-Moving on up
The Beatles-She loves you
Neil Diamond-Craklin’ Rosie
Swell Maps-Read About Seymour
Terry Jacks-Seasons in the sun
Benny Hill-Ernie The fastest milkman in the west
John Leyton-Johnny remember me
The Kinks-Jack the idiot dunce
The Damned-Neat neat neat
Ron Goodwin-633 squadron
Frankie Knuckles-Tears
Happy Mondays-Hallelujah club mix
Primal Scream-Loaded
Primal Scream-I’m losing more than I’ll never have
Jah Wobble-Bomba
The Sabres Of Paradise-Wilmot
Link Wray-Rumble
T. Rex-Solid gold easy action
Captured Internet Stream

Alpinestars-Manchester Ritz 15 Feb 00

Tracklist needed
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Inspiral Carpets-Manchester Apollo 6 Dec 03

Real thing
Come back tomorrow
She comes in the fall
Saturn 5
Two worlds collide
I want you
Directing traffic
Dragging me down
Seeds of doubt
Out of time
96 tears
Tainted love
Commercial rain / 24 hour party people (with Shaun Ryder)
This is how it feels (with Shaun Ryder)
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Dirty North-Capesthorne Hall Friends Of Mine Festival Big Top Stage 21 May 11

Sweet girl
Don't take me away
Money and guns
Incomplete tracklist
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Longcut-Capesthorne Hall Friends Of Mine Festival Big Top Stage 21 May 11

Tell you so
Happy birthday to Jon
A tried and tested method
A quiet life

Incomplete tracklist
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

Doves-Stradbally Hall Electric Picnic Festival 3 Sep 05

Sky starts falling
Black and white town
I almost forgot myself again
Caught by the river
The last broadcast
Here it comes
The cedar room
There goes the fear
DAT Recording FLAC

REM-Michael Stipe BBC 6 Music The First Time 17 Apr 11

This week on the First Time, Matt Everitt's guest is one of the most the most enigmatic influential singers and lyricists in music
As the frontman with R.E.M
Michael Stipe has steered the Athens Georgia fourpiece (who Stipe describes as "The band that had no goals") from the cult underground into the mainstream - setting a precedent for alternative rock bands - and opening the door for bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Radiohead and whole generations of new artists.

In this rare interview, Michael talks to Matt about the early songs that shaped his music outlook (a love of Tammy Wynette, The Beatles and the soundtrack to The Parent Trap hints at the eclectism that would define his career), his close relationship with Patti Smith (who appears on the new R.E.M
album Collapse Into Now), his desire to celebrate the concept of The Album in a broken market and how his band managed to maintain their status and one of the most esoteric groups ever, while also enjoying massive world-wide mainstream success

This will also be the 'First Time' an interview from the series has been filmed - and you can see Matt in conversation with Michael online at from the day of broadcast.

Music played-
REM-Night swimming
REM-Shiny happy people
David Essex-Rock on
Jonathan Richman-Roadrunner REM-Radio free Europe
REM-The one I love
Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66-Mais que nada
REM-Wendell Gee
Patti Smith-Birdland
Pearl Jam-Better man
REM-Mine Smell like honey
Captured Internet Stream

B Fab UK-Ashton Witchwood 13 Mar 97

DAT Recording FLAC

Friendly Fires-Manchester Sound Control 12 May 11

Blue cassette
True love
On board
Skeleton boy
Show me lights
Live those days tonight
Jump in the pool
Pull me back to Earth
Hawaiian air
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

Goldblade-Manchester Boardwalk 21 May 97

Black Elvis
Soul power
Soul on fire
Strictly hardcore
Canal Street breakdown
Feel my disease
Home turf
Not even Jesus
Hail the people
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

Echo & The Bunnymen-Glastonbury Festival 25 Jun 05

Lips like sugar
Seven seas
Bring on the dancing horses
Nothing lasts forever / Walk on the wild side
In the margins
The back of love
The killing moon
Never stop
All my colours
Villiers Terrace / Roadhouse blues / Sex machine
The cutter
DAT Recording FLAC

A Certain Ratio-Liverpool Carling Academy 24 Oct 05

I feel right
Wonder Y
Wild party
Shack up
Be what you wanna be
Si firmi o grido
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

Appliance-Nottingham Rescue Rooms 22 Feb 03

Personal stereo
Number 3 channel's clear
Go native
We are not stationary
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

Fat Truckers-Manchester Apollo 25 Nov 01

Always better
Teenage Daughter
Error error
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

Monday, 23 May 2011

Badly Drawn Boy-Chorlton Southern 19 Dec 04

Intro- Marc Riley
Tonight tomorrow and the next day
Remember that I'll always love you
What is it now?
Above you below me
Let the sun shine in
Don't walk away Renee
Pissing in the wind
Outro- Marc Riley
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

Montgolfier Brothers-Manchester Deaf Institute 15 May 11

Tracklist needed
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC