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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Adam Ant-BBC 6 Music The First Time 27 Feb 11

Matt Everitts guest is 80s legend Adam Ant
His recent battles with mental health have come to dominate people's memories of Adam Ant so it's become easy to forget just what a massive star he was
Adam was a key member in the nascent UK punk scene before leading a band who eventually made him one of the biggest stars in the world - blending pop tunes with a punk sensibility and an inspired image that was part Byronic hero, part Beau Brummell and part Highwayman.

Matt Everitt speaks frankly to the man once known simply as Stuart Goddard, about the birth of punk, his emergence to become probably the most recognisable and successful major solo pop star of the early 80s, his spectacular and tragic fall from grace, and how he's been tackling Asperger syndrome to return to the stage and release his first album in seven years.

Music played
Adam & The Ants-Ant music
Adam & The Ants-Kings of the wild frontier
Adam & The Ants-Dog eat dog
Adam & The Ants-Car trouble
Tommy Steele-Rock the caveman
The Beatles-Magical mystery tour
Little Tim-They'll always be an England
Sex Pistols-Anarchy in the UK
Adam Ant-The day I met God
Adam & The Ants-Dog eat dog
Adam Ant-Goody two shoes
Adam Ant-Stand and deliver
Adam Ant-Prince Charming
Adam Faith-I survived

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