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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Andy Weatherall-BBC 6 Music The First Time 13 Mar 11

While some DJs emerged out of the early house movement to settle into a comfortable and predictably lucrative careers as superclub-orientated superstar DJs, Andrew Weatherall has always followed his own musical compass.

This week, Matt Everitt discusses his career from the first track he ever DJ'd (the WWII War film theme 633 Squadron) onto his residency at the UK's first acid house club Shoom, then as the producer of Primal Scream's genre-breaking Screamadelica and his later work delving into the darker side of vintage rock n roll and techno - with the humour, style and impeccable musical choices that one would expect from one of contemporary music's most innovative and original figures in music.
Music played
Primal Scream-Moving on up
The Beatles-She loves you
Neil Diamond-Craklin’ Rosie
Swell Maps-Read About Seymour
Terry Jacks-Seasons in the sun
Benny Hill-Ernie The fastest milkman in the west
John Leyton-Johnny remember me
The Kinks-Jack the idiot dunce
The Damned-Neat neat neat
Ron Goodwin-633 squadron
Frankie Knuckles-Tears
Happy Mondays-Hallelujah club mix
Primal Scream-Loaded
Primal Scream-I’m losing more than I’ll never have
Jah Wobble-Bomba
The Sabres Of Paradise-Wilmot
Link Wray-Rumble
T. Rex-Solid gold easy action
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