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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Durutti Column-York Duchess 26 Apr 11

Durutti Column-York Duchess 26 Apr 11
Otis / Blind elevator girl
Sketch for summer
The missing boy
The beggar

Incomplete tracklist
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

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  1. Many thanks!

    From what i've read the majority of the new album was premiered at the Bridgewater gig. This one only features one new song. The rest looks like this - bit unsure about 2 titles ..

    01 Intro
    02 Otis/ Blind Elevator Girl
    03 (new song)
    04 Woman
    05 Sketch for Summer
    06 ?
    07 The Missing Boy
    08 The Beggar
    09 Tomorrow
    10 Goodbye (?)