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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Cardiacs-Manchester Roadhouse 5 Nov 96

Breakfast line part 2
A horses tail
In a city lining
Bell stinks
Bell clinks
Gatty the goat man
Dog like Sparky
Buds and spawn
Cameras bit
Insect hooves on Lassie
Everything is easy
The duck and Roger the horse
Firey gun hand
Icky qualms
Is this the life?
DAT Recording FLAC


  1. What a superb recording. I found the MU link before I found the blog and took the liberty of applying some EQ (mid-range reduction) before splitting the tracks and uploading it onto Dime . I hope you don't mind, I would have asked but didn't have anyone to ask when I did it.

    The tracks are

    Cardiacs Roadhouse, Manchester, UK
    5th November 1996

    Tim Smith - Guitar and Vocals
    Jim Smith - Bass and Backing Vocals
    Jon Poole - Guitar and Backing Vocals
    Bob Leith - Drums

    01 Intro 3:33
    02 Breakfast Line Part 2 2:42
    03 A Horses Tail 4:15
    04 In a City Lining 6:57
    05 Bell Stinks 1:20
    06 Bell Clinks 2:57
    07 Gatty the Goat Man* 1:36
    08 Dog Like Sparky 4:48
    09 Spinney 2:56
    10 Buds and Spawn 6:25
    11 Manhoo 4:33
    12 Cameras bit 0:38
    13 Insect Hooves on Lassie 4:38
    14 Everything is Easy 6:01
    15 The Duck and Roger the Horse 4:12
    16 Firey Gun Hand 6:38
    17 Icky Qualms 2:45
    18 Is This The Life 8:27

    *This is not a real song but a friend of mine making a noise, see

    I was at a few of the gigs you have here and you also have a few from my Auntie Carole's ex - John D/Calvin Party. Even one from their cafe I notice.

    I will let you know the track listing of Cardiacs at Bolton when I finish DLing it, though from memory it is the same as Manchester (apart from Gatty of course).


  2. Please re-upload with a new link. Thank you!