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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Suede-Brett Anderson-BBC 6 Music The First Time 6 Mar 11

Blur and Oasis may have ridden the Britpop zeitgeist to a place in the popular consciousness - but Suede made it possible
Before Suede the UK music scene was largely in the grip of post grunge Americana - it was Brett Anderson's band who wrestled back dominance and gave people a reason to be proud of their musical heritage - trading freely on the glamour of Bowie, the sexual ambiguity of The Smiths and the passion for pop of both.

In the wake of the band's recent reunion, Matt Everitt speaks to singer Brett Anderson about his childhood, the group's birth, the recording of their stunning debut and their 'difficult' second record
He also discusses his incredible fractious relationship with the band's mercurial guitarist Bernard Butler - and the reasons behind their parting - plus his feeling about the Britpop movement which he helped inspire, but for a while abandoned him
Brett also talks freely and honestly about the drug problems which ran throughout much of the band's career - but also their rebirth and reunion.

Music played
Suede-Animal nitrate
Suede-Beautiful ones
Crass-Do they owe us a living
Sex Pistols-Holidays in the sun
Bizarre love triangle
The Cult-She sells sanctuary
The Smiths-What difference does it make?
Suede-The drowners
Suede-Metal Mickey
So young
We are the pigs
Suede-The wild ones
Captured Internet Stream

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