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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mark Stewart-Manchester Ruby Lounge 27 Mar 12

Nothing is sacred
Liberty city
Vanity kills
Method to the madness
Stranger than love
Gustav says
Apocalypse hotel
Gang war
Baby bourgeois
Liberty City

M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

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  1. riddim politician28 March 2012 at 20:31

    heavy tunes from mARK sTEWART and the new line up - brought new blood to the ms format both familiar and new at the same time. True tiger boys brought the live dubstep to the arena and dAN gave events a grounding touch . Elements of the rise and fall of d+ b with the dub work over by sherwood at the mixing controls. MARK as powerful as ever. really hyped for the new album when it hits the doorstep.Proper, proper tunage!

  2. Great recording, thanks for sharing this. Did you by any chance also attend/record the Jah Wobble/Keith Levene show at the same venue a few days earlier?

  3. i caught the end of that gig but didnt record it