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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Monkeys In Love-Manchester Lass O' Gowrie 25 Aug 12

Gin in a can
Oh Judy
The man in the Keith Moon t-shirt
***** *******'s hair transplant
An owl with hands
Riffing on kitton

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1 comment:

  1. Hi

    Steve from Monkeys In Love here. Thanks for posting our gig. The correct track titles are:

    Gin in a Can
    Oh Judy
    The Man in the Keith Moon T-Shirt
    ***** *******'s Hair Transplant
    An Owl With Hands
    Riffing On Kitton

    As a point of note, the Hair Transplant song isn't actually about Rob Brydon - I just thought I'd use his name in the intro. The title changes from gig to gig and the above is how it appears in print (for obvious reasons).

    If you want to add details of the line-up, the players were as follows:

    Chris Binks - Bass
    Danielle McCullough - Guitar, Flute
    Eamonn Murphy - Guitar
    Laura Simms-Luddington - Vocals
    Steve Simms-Luddington - Vocals, Keys & Programming