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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Strangeways-Salford Crescent 2 Nov 12

Nice n sleazy (bass)
Love song (bass)
? (guitar)
? (bass)
Age of consent (bass)
Babylons burning (bass)
? (bass)
2 X 4 (bass)
Nice n sleazy
Tempo house (bass)
? (bass)
Rock lobster (instrumental)
Look know (bass)
Town called malice (bass)
? (bass)
? (bass)
Caterpillars (bass)
Lunar Adam (bass)
? (bass)
? (bass)
? (bass)
? (bass)

Wait for the blackout
Protex blue
News Of The World
London lady
English civil war
Go buddy go
Anti Pope
Never had nothing
Melody Lee
Love song
Stab your back (bass)

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