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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Arab Strap-Manchester Roadhouse 4 Jun 97

Tracklist needed
DAT Recording FLAC


  1. Any idea what recording gear you were using at this time? I like to keep a note for my own records, if you can remember.

    If you have time, might be an idea to add a post to the blog, similar to your Reqsts and Dead Links, with info on your recording set-up?

  2. Sony DAT & Sony Mic, i had a few different dats & mics, all sony at this time

  3. Thanks for the info.

    01 drum machine preset
    02 I Saw You
    03 Gilded
    04 I Work In A Saloon
    05 Packs Of Three
    06 The Clearing
    07 Kate Moss
    08 Drug Song For Paula
    09 The Night Before The Funeral
    10 ?? instrumental
    11 The Smell Of Outdoor Cooking
    12 ??
    13 The First Big Weekend
    14 banter

    Aidan Moffat - vocals, keyboards
    Malcolm Middleton - guitar
    David Gow - drums
    Gary Miller - bass

    I'll keep digging and see if I can work out the other two tracks.

  4. Track 10 is an instrumental called, delightfully, A Cunt's Trick.

    Nice recording, by the way. There aren't many circulating recordings of Arab Strap's sets on that tour, and this may well be the best I've heard.

    Certainly a more coherent show than many of the dates on that Mogwai + Arab Strap tour, which by all accounts was a drunken/drug-fuelled riot. I saw a couple of these dates, they were sloppy but very enjoyable.