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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Florence & The Machine-Manchester St. Phillips Church 1 Jun 09

Between two lungs
My boy builds coffins
Girl with one eye
Dog days are over
Are you hurting the one you love?
Rabbit heart (raise it up)
Cosmic love
Kiss with a fist
You've got the love

M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC

1 comment:

  1. Florence + The Machine
    St. Phillips Church, Manchester

    01. Between Two Lungs
    02. My Boy Builds Coffins
    03. Girl With One Eye
    04. Dog Days Are Over
    05. Falling
    06. Are You Hurting The One You Love?
    07. Howl
    08. Rabbit Heart
    09. Cosmic Love
    10. Kiss With A Fist
    11. Blinding
    12. You've Got The Love