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Monday, 14 May 2012

Kitchens Of Distinction-Manchester Roadhouse 9 Oct 94

When in Heaven
Sand on fire
Mad as snow
Quick as rainbows
Remember me
Prince of Mars
Now it’s time to say goodbye
What happens now?
Drive that fast

Cowboys and aliens
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  1. Missing Encore Tracks:

    Cowboys and Aliens

    Cowboys and Aliens UK Tour 1994
    Support: Drugstore

  2. Excellent stuff. Possibly the only Northern gig/tour I missed, as I had horrendous flu at the time.

  3. fantastic, great to hear these gems of gigs. I don't suppose anyone knows of any recordings of a gig they did in the 90s up in Newcastle? That's the only gig I got see of them.. of course since then I've got a nice collection which I treasure greatly and I'm trying to share when I get the time!

  4. no unfortunately i dont have this, i have one more manchester master

  5. Does anyone the exact dates for the two times the band played Sheffield Leadmill in 1992 and 1994? Think it may have been September and October respectively. Great shows and would love to know if anyone has a recording of either?

  6. Can you re-post this please?? I'm a great fan of KOD and would be so happy if I could get a copy of this
    Thank you

  7. I'd love to see this reposted / available again. I was at the gig, still have the bright orange 'Closet Kitchens Fan' t-shirt from it too!