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Monday, 14 May 2012

Kitchens Of Distinction-Manchester Roadhouse 12 May 96

Quick as rainbows
The third time we opened the capsule
Sand on fire
Now it’s time to say goodbye
Cowboys and aliens
To love a star
Come on now
Feel my genie
Mad as snow
Mainly mornings
Prince of Mars

Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC

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  1. Missing tracks:

    4. Longed and Searched (unreleased)

    13. Dazed and Confused (brief drums/vox/bass excerpt of the Led Zeppelin song played whilst guitar amp was fixed)

    Last UK tour. Subtly billed as 'Kitchens OD'and ostensibly to promote the Fierce Panda single "Feel My Genie" / "To Love A Star". Tour Support was 'local support' - can't remember who it was for this show...anyone remember?

  2. for some reason i cannot get this one to work.
    After downloading the two tar files it gives an error when trying to create the flac(files corrupted). I've redownloaded and still the same....other downloads from you work fine, just this one...but Stephan seems to have succesfully downloaded unless his commment is from memory...can you check it's ok?

  3. It's the same for me - links not working.

  4. New links up now, hope these work

  5. excellent all working now...thank you

  6. Hello there Tarqin Live,
    can you re-post this Kitchens Of Distinction gig please? I would be most grateful
    Thank you

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