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Monday, 4 July 2011

Cruxshadows-Manchester University 8 Aug 08

I believe
Our heart’s immortal
Forever and a day
Santa Sophia
Eye of the storm
Happy birthday to Jen
Mirrors in your mind
Look at your life
Marilyn my bitterness.

Incomplete tracklist
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC


  1. Sadly this link is not available. Can you please reupload it? Thanks!

  2. Jens says:
    received an error message that the 2nd part is damaged...*sniff.....could you check it, too?

  3. 3rd time lucky hopefully, 3 new rar files

  4. Jens says:
    100 points - this time it was perfect. Many thanks for this:=)

    The complete setlist is as follows:
    01. I Believe
    02. Immortal
    03. Foreverlast
    04. Sophia
    05. Dragonfly
    06. Solus
    07. Ariadne
    08. Memorare
    09. Deception
    10. Eye Of The Storm
    11. Happy Birthday To Jen
    12. Wake The White Queen
    13. Winterborn
    14. Birthday
    15. Marilyn My Bitterness