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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ultravox-Manchester Apollo 8 Apr 10

New Europeans
Passing strangers
We stand alone
Mr. X
Visions in Blue
The thin wall
I remember (death in the afternoon)
Rage in Eden
One small day
All stood still
White China
Reap the wild wind
Dancing with tears in my eyes
Love's great adventure
The voice

M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC


  1. Thanks tons for all the ultravox. I am in the process of posting all my ultravox (including 3 1979 shows w/ Midge!!) at my blog. Check it out if you are interested. Feel free to report any you would care to.

    May I repost some your shows? My uploads, of course, unless you are trying to build megaupload points. Either way is OK by me.

    Of course, if you would rather I did not upload your shows, let me know. I would at least like to put up an announcement and link to your site if that is OK.

    Thanks again,

    Craig aka TorchLitCat