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Thursday, 2 June 2011

LCD Soundsystem-Manchester Academy 1 May 10

Intro-Back in the New York groove
Us v them
Get innocuous!
Daft Punk is playing in my house
Yr city's a sucker
Pow pow
Drunk girls
See my friends
I can change
Someone great
Losing my edge
All I want
New York I love you and you're bringing me down / Empire state of mind
DAT Recording FLAC


  1. Not a great quality recording, and it plays as an hour and 50 minute track. nice to have none the less

  2. Thanks for this, looking forward to hearing it. Was at the Bristol show on the same tour and tried to record it myself but screwed up big time.

    I’m also contacting you because I reckon my own blog has a pretty similar spirit to yours and those of the various Taper blogs you link to. It’s called Partly Porpoise ( ) and I’ve been running it for about five and a half years. Originally, I was just publicising new bands I was interested in, but for a couple of years now, I’ve been recording gigs I’ve been to and giving away the recordings on the Blog for anyone who’s interested. The recordings are far from professional but certainly listenable, made on an iRiver H120 with a stealth mic in wav and given away as mp3s – fans’ recordings. The most recent recording is the Avi Buffalo gig I went to in Bristol earlier this month. Have a listen…

    Since I started I’ve made about 40 recordings, mainly British bands, as I’m based in the UK, among them Art Brut, Wild Beasts, the Fall, the Young Knives, Field Music and Primal Scream, plus whichever American bands I get to see (Decemberists, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Laura Cantrell, Besnard lakes and a good few others).

    My main problem is that I’m not a great networker and I’ve never been good at publicising my Blog, and this is an effort to put this right. I’m going to send this same email to a number of the other Taper blogs you’ve linked to, but please don’t assume, therefore, that this is some blanket spamming exercise. I’m just another music fan with pretty much the same values as you. Now I know there’s a bit of a tapers community (in the US, if not the UK), I’m going to add a few more links to my own blog and was wondering if you’d be willing to add Partly Porpoise to your list of tapers. If you don’t fancy it, no problem, I won’t go away and sulk! Keep up all the good work!

    Sweeny, UK

  3. i was at the bristol one too, i think its on here, i prefer lossless flac files to mp3s. Most tapers prefer flac. when i put a new gig up I post a link on the relevant artists facebook page, i know a lot of the bands i put up especially the smaller ones. I know a few american tapers too, as we used to swap by cassette. You might want to put a tag on each post to make it easier to find things on your blog

  4. Thanks for this, the Facebook page idea is a good one, and I'm on to the business of the tags - it'll take a while, something I've neglected over the years...

    Thanks also for the link on this site - I've reciprocated!