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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Human League-Manchester Apollo 9 Dec 95

Being boiled
These are the days
Love action (I believe in love)
The sound of the crowd
Mirror man
Blind youth
The Lebanon
The stars are going out
(Keep feeling) fascination
One man in my heart
Jingle bells
Don't you want me?
Tell me when
Human nature
Together in electric dreams
Incomplete tracklist
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  1. Hi there , thanks for a wonderfull blog , unfortunaltely i discovered it to late and just after the Megaupload closedown . Any chance someone can reuopload all The Human League shows here ? Would be mostly appreciated . All the best Lama , Norway

  2. When I click on a link it goes to the Rapidshare welcome page.

  3. Yes , i have the same problem . I also have the same issue with other things on Rapidshare as the Visage amd Blancmange links .

  4. i think its a cookies problem

    i have to upload in the local library as i cant afford the net at the mo, and the links do that sometimes depending on the pc, those 2 have definately been downloaded though, i checked in my rapidshare account