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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Half Man Half Biscuit-Manchester Roadhouse 25 Mar 95

Improv workshop mimeshow gobshite
Sensitive outsider
A lilac Harry Quinn
Friday night and the gates are low
I Trog
Sponsoring the moshpits
Venus in flares
Song for Europe
Fear my wraith
Fretwork homework
Yipps (my baby got the)
Running order squabble fest
Turned up clocked on laid off
Styx gig (seen by my mates coming out of a)
Whit week malarkey
The bastard son of Dean Friedman
Everything's A.O.R.
The Trumpton riots

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  1. Hi, do you have a new link to this? I'd love to hear it and will donate...

  2. ill try & upload tomoz, soz, no tinternet at the mo, i rely ont local library. i put this gig on, me and my mate made 3 quid each!

  3. jesus...3 quid...??? i'll be happy to lob a quid at ya...a reminder to re-upload...!!! :D Ian J.