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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Vini Reilly-Manchester Oklahoma Café 10 Oct 04

Someone elses party
Incomplete tracklist
DAT Recording FLAC


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I've tried to figure out the track list:
    01 Intro
    02 In 'D'
    03 (riff by 'sly & the family stone')
    04 The Best Dream
    05 Sketch for Summer
    06 Salford Harmonics
    07 Tomorrow
    08 Somebody's Party
    09 Big Hole
    10 ?
    11 Violence
    12 Vigil
    13 Never Known

    Do you have any background info on this show. It seems that it's just Vini on guitar and samplers. It's not listed on Mike's gigography and i couldn't find anything elsewhere on the web.

    Would you mind if i repost this one on Dime? There are a couple DC fans that might enjoy your recording.


  2. yeah put it on dime if you want, he also played the night before, it really is a cafe, a basement, i think it was a charity gig for something or other, dc also played there a while later