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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Orch-Bolton Crown & Cushion 31 May 94

Official heat
Billy Whizz
Tombstone England
Per ardua ad Strangeways
Spectacular times
Savage hearts
Slice of the gospel
Sony Profesional Walkman WM-D6 Cassette Recording FLAC


  1. If the wind had've been blowing in a different direction and the music industry wasn't such an arse, then this band would (and should have been) huge!
    Don't suppose you happened to record the Superqueens gig(s)?

  2. i taped superqueens once, but unfortunatelly the dat wont transfer. I always remember arthur baker turning up to see them at the roadhouse during in the city, he was supposed to produce their tracks on factory sample too, but it didnt happen due to scheduling. i ran into arthur baker at new order in paris, and much to my suprise he remembered the orch! mike was after doing a gig in mcr before xmas, but im not sure if its happening now

  3. Pity man, you never managed to record the Superqueens.. I saw them twice I think - both were very different to the Orch of course, but I remember the first time I saw them - they played 'Rat Poison' before they recorded and it blew me and my mate away.