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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Curly Hair-BBC 6 Music Marc Riley Session 14 Sep 09

Curly Hair .. not a hairstyle but tonight's band... live from Manchester! Their first single 'Blow the house down' is available on FREE download this September on Toy Soldier Records. There will be a 6 track mini album to follow.Curly Hair is Jessica and Benjamin. The two had been playing music together in Brighton's celebrated Willkommen Collective (The Leisure Society, Miserable Rich, Sons of Noel and Adrian) for a year before they took refuge from a downpour in a charity shop on a rainy December day and Jessica discovered the perfect guitar (now named Tiny) to inspire the two to write songs together. Starting out with intimate house party and gallery shows, their live act is colourful and can involve as many as 6 extra Willkommen cast members lending their skills to the sound. The pair recently expanded to a three piece, with Michael taking over percussive duties. They often indulge in cloaks, facepaint and feathers onstage, making each show a charismatic and distinctive experience.

Music played-
Blow the house down
High fives love fives
The bus song

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