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Saturday, 21 January 2012

RIP Megaupload / Don’t Let This Archive Vanish From The Internet

As some or all of you may know, megaupload has been closed down. As I am still without internet due to financial problems, I can only get
on here in the local library.


Please start re-uploading my FLAC files to other online hosting services (please state your preferences below). If you have track split the files, all the better. Please do not post the original FLAC files in any lossy formats, thanks.

Copy the new links into the comments section & I will try and tag them with the tag “1 WORKING LINKS” when I get chance.

My friend Katie has offered to put new stuff up for me with her new high speed internet connection, I’ll see how the regeneration of the site goes first though.


  1. I've got most of the Half Man Half Biscuit gigs. Once I've worked out a new place to upload them, will do the ones that are still in lossless format.

  2. I'll take care of the TSOM concerts. Thanks for everything!

  3. Does Dimeadozen count as an online hosting service? There's a fair few of your recordings up there.

    I've track-split all the Longcut, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Electrelane, Errors, Labradford, Stars Of the Lid, New FADS recordings.
    I'd guess I have maybe ten or so beyond that, a variety of bands, but not track-split.

  4. Nah not dime. Not everyone has access to it. Just put anything you have up. It doesnt have to be split.

  5. i was thinking of rapidshare, is there a limit on how many times a file can be downloaded? i cant find any info

  6. This may be helpful:

    The biggest problems are file expiration after inactivity, and file size limits. Megaupload was really one of the best for both of these. Huge limits (2 GB) for free users, and file expiration after inactivity was technically 90 days, but was often much longer. Most of the other free services have limits of around 200 MB and 30 day expiration.

  7. Todd
    Thanks for the comparison info.

    Rapidshare has no limits on file size but a 30-day limit on free accounts. Paid accounts seemingly have no time limits.

    Anyone else have suggestions on a good file hosting site?

  8. ive uploaded a couple of bits in the library to rapidshare which i may be able to post from my mobile later

  9. Hi!
    i have created acount on this site from Poland:
    this site you can use as a "external HDD", no filesize-limit, files will be not deleted - and its for free! and everybody can download/upload from/to this site
    for login go to the 1st line:
    chomik/e-mail is: "TarquinLive"
    haslo is: "Tarquin"
    click to "Zaloguj"
    scroll a little bit down, in the folder (Foldery) "Music" you will find what i can re-upload.
    for download just "right-click + save", use a DownloadManager or free software "ChomikBox" (
    i hope it helps
    for questions just contact me in facebook

  10. cheers thomas, unfortunatelly i cant access this site in my local library

  11. Hi Tarquin!
    maybe you can get access with google translator:
    try this link:

  12. Hello TarquinLive!!!! and Thomas!!

    I am from Chile, Thankyou for this blog!!
    Here I downloaded many bootlegs of Inspiral Carpets and Demos, rehearsals, etc..
    Wait that I be uploading this bootlegs for you! :D demos Waiting for Ours and Songs of shallow intensity, and Rehearsal What Gos On that before downloaded of this blog!..