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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Paul Weller-BBC 6 Music Shaun Keaveny Interview 30 May 12

Wednesday sees Paul Weller join Shaun to chat about his new album 'Sonik Kicks'. He releases new single 'When Your Garden's Overgrown' this week which features Noel Gallgher on bass guitar and tips its hat to a certain Syd Barrett: "I think this song's about Syd Barrett" says Paul. "It's like, what would it have been like if he hadn't got into music? If he'd gone off to the continent and just been an artist on the side-street in France. He probably would've been happier. There's some lines in there about the brush strokes of fame and I'm thinking of Syd at the time. He was an artist at heart, not a rock star."
He chats with Shaun ahead of some live dates in New York and Toronto in May before heading back to the UK to perform at Jodrell Bank on 24th June. He then headlines the Sunday at Latitude Festival on July 15th.

Music Played-
Paul Weller-When your garden's overgrown
Alabama shakes-Hold on

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