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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Yeah Yeah Noh-BBC 6 Music Marc Riley Session 10 Sep 12

Remember when mobile phones came with a carrying harness and shoulder pads had a health warning? Well back in the 80s there were also a group of post punkers called Yeah Yeah Noh, and tonight we have them live in session!

Derek Hammond (vocals), John Grayland (guitar), Tom Slater (guitar), Dermot O'Sullivan, Eva Landsberg (keys) and Anthony Cook (drums) came from Leicester at the start of the 1980s. Their first release back in 1984 was the satirical and humorous jangly pop/post punk affair Cottage Industry (In-Tape records), after this they released two further EPs and developed a more psychedelic style for their last offering Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness.Last Rites For The God Of Love in 1985.

Before they split in 1986 they had done three sessions and become firm favourites of John Peel, as well as gaining a cult fan base that we are sure are happy they are back.

When asked why they had decided to come back John Grayland said "Because the world needs Yeah Yeah Noh. Because too much contemporary music is about gameshows and nostalgia rather than ideas and attitude and fun and carpet-melting grooves. Now listen to this". We can't add to that.Yeah Yeah Noh in session!

Music played-
Prick up your ears
Another side to Mrs. Quill
Marc Riley Show jingle (Bias binding)
Up on the downs
Shooting from the ...hip

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