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Friday, 14 January 2011

Errors-Manchester Deaf Institute 8 Oct 08

Still game
Salut! France
Songos ya mongos!
National prism
Crew cut
Hans Herman
Mr Milk

Tracklist needed
M Audio Microtrack II Recording FLAC


  1. 01 Still Game
    02 Salut! France
    03 Songos Ya Mongos!
    04 National Prism
    05 Crew Cut
    06 Pump
    07 Toes
    08 Hans Herman
    09 Mr Milk

    Thanks again for this.

    Can you tell me what mic you used with the Microtrack please?

    There is some slight digital noise at times on this recording.

  2. at what point is there diginoise? i dont hear any, I used a sony ecm919 i think.
    its not the most reliable mic. it may be in the transfer, ill try and reupload

  3. First instance of diginoise in the original file was 0:15 - 0:22. Mild, but present.

    Just downloading the new file, thanks for reuploading.

    Thanks for the mic info.

  4. The mild diginoise is still present on the new file at the point indicated above, and a small number of other instances.

  5. Got you now, it a bloody mobile phone!
    I cand do anything about it sorry, i think i patched channels on that one to try and eliminate it as much as possibe, i now turn my phone off during gigs!

  6. Thanks for checking. I've heard mobile noises like that on other recordings.