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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blimp-Salford Crescent 28 Aug 11

Régime change
Art job!
V.A.T. (Sci-Tech)
Large bee
Pohoda pogoda
Bonsai mountain

1 comment:

  1. Cheers for the upload! NB: Couldn't open one of the files (CRC checksum error) but the other one contains the whole gig.

    The track list is as follows:
    1) Trzynaście [This is a new one that hasn't really got a name yet; hopefully I will have picked something for it in time for CavFest]
    2) Régime Change
    3) Art Job!
    4) V.A.T. (Sci-Tech) [aka Science and Technology]
    5) Large Bee
    6) Pohoda Pogoda
    7) Rifleman
    8) Bonsai Mountain

    Sadly we didn't have time for Fake Tan, Bin Bag Shuffle + Horse 5 or Snowglobe.

    --The General (off out of that there The Blimp)