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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Here & Now-Ashton Witchwood 10 Oct 91

Intro jam
Jacques Cousteau loves anchovies
Room within a room
Telly song
Crazy world
Floating anarchy radio
Love thing
Turkish toothpaste
Urban DK
Living room war
Glad you're here
Opium for the people

Sony Profesional Walkman WM-D6 cassette Recording FLAC


  1. Blimey,you are busy today! Huge thanks for this fantastic Here & Now recording. I'll get back to you with a set-list. Do you have more H&N in your archives?

  2. thats the only one, im not a fan, my mate knows em well and put the gig on, i taped it for him

  3. Well cheers anyway. Tracklist;
    1.Intro Jam
    2.Jacques Cousteau Loves Anchovies
    3.Room Within A Room
    4.Telly Song
    5.Crazy World
    7.Floating Anarchy Radio
    8.Love Thing
    9.Turkish Toothpaste
    10.Urban DK
    12.Living Room War
    13.Glad You're Here
    14.Opium For The People

    Keith The Bass - Bass/Vocals
    Steffe Sharpstrings - Guitar/Vocals
    Andy Roid - Synths/Vocals
    Nick Danger - Drums

  4. Loved your Dark Star stuff mate,
    and now you treat us to a Here & Now recording.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this...

    Can I get permission to split some of these recordings i've been getting here into seperate tracks, and share them on DIME


  5. help yourself, im on dime too, give me a credit tho

  6. Nice one matey, and will do...
    Just noticed a World Of Twist recording you put up, some of your finds here are amazing, I won't ask you where you're getting them from ;-)
    But keep up the tremendous work...
    Thanks again


  7. Thanks again Tarquin for your great recordings, and hi dlz1965! I've indexed this one in our Here & Now megapost here:

    Cheers, Dave Sez.

  8. theyre in the cupboard and under the spare bed, literally!