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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mighty Wah!-Liverpool Lomax 29 Mar 00

You can't put your arms around a memory
Never loved as a child
Come back
I still love you
Sing all the saddest songs
Hey Mona Lisa
Disneyland forever
Life begins at the hop
Lonely planet boy
Better scream
Theme from Z Cars
Amazing grace
Heart as big as Liverpool
One night with you
The story of the blues
Seven minutes to midnight
Sex and drugs and rock and roll (With Mick Jones)

DAT Recording FLAC
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Alternative Link


  1. Seems to be a problem with the second link, any chance of a new link ?

  2. they are all there for downloading, do you mean it doesnt extract?

  3. Downloads the first 8.65MB of part 2 then freezes. Tried downloading part 2 multiple times with same result. Downloaded parts 1 & 3 no problem. If you are able to download part 2 problem must be my end ?

  4. well ive got past the point you did. i use mipony downloader. ill try a new url on it to see if that makes a difference. ill try and grab all 3 bits and reassemble. ill let you know how i get on later

  5. it works fine for me and extracted fine, ive put a new link up for part 2 tho all the same

  6. I tried using Mypony and eventually got it. It still only downloaded so much before freezing and coming back with download error but the good thing about Mypony is it just kept retrying and eventually got 100%. Many thanks for doing this and thanks also for telling me about Mypony, seems a good tool.